Why spend money on generic coin purses when you can make something truly wonderful and truly unique at home for next to nothing? Check out this pretty crochet purse and chances are you’ll never think twice about head to the High Street again next time you need a perfectly pretty purse!

Crochet Purse diy free pattern The Prettiest Crochet Purse   Free Pattern and Tutorial

This gorgeously timeless little design is perfectly suited women and girls of all ages, just the right size for holding a few coins, accessories or that essential makeup on-the-go! While we love this beautiful blue color, you can of course make your own purse in any color of your choosing! And what’s best of is how easy it is to make – once you’ve picked up the basics you’ll be well on your way to producing something quite magical!

Keep It, Give It Away!

Of course, as gifts for girls these purses really couldn’t be any more appropriate. You’re guaranteed to the blow the minds and melt the hearts of anyone lucky enough to receive one from you – the fact that it’s homemade means so much more than any store-bought gift ever could!

Simply with a few basic crochet stitches and a sewing needle, these marvelous little purses come to life before your very eyes! In fact, they’re so simple to make you could even get the kids involved and turn it into a fun-filled family craft project – one with results you’re all guaranteed to be proud of!

Crochet Purse tutorial The Prettiest Crochet Purse   Free Pattern and Tutorial

Crochet Purse - guide

Blue Crochet Purse

Crochet purse in blue