Wedding gloves,hand made

Wedding Glove ivory lace gloves Fingerless Glove by newgloves, $35.00:

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UNIQUE embroidered with gold Wedding Gloves  lace by WEDDINGGloves, $65.00:

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white lace glove  Wedding gloves free ship by WEDDINGHome on Etsy, $30.00 Spray paint them green for Ivy cosplay:

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Ivory Wedding Lace Bridal Gloves:

Unique ivory french lace gloves free ship wedding by WEDDINGHome, $25.00:

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Lace bridal glove ivory glove silver cord

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Burgundy lace gloves free ship bridal cuff by WEDDINGGloves, $25.00:


Weddinggloves Original design Wedding Gloves by WEDDINGGloves, $30.00:


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  1. How do you purchase the burgandy laced wedding fingerless gloves?

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