16 Beautiful Handmade Baby Gift Sets with Free Crochet Patterns

crochet bunny hat booties set gift

crochet newborn flower hat and slippers set-wonderfuldiy





  1. Love these patterns. It says “free” but I see no way of opening them. Can you help me with this? Thanks!

    1. How do you get the pattern. I can’t open if I pin it will it show the pattern?

  2. Where are the free patterns for these

  3. How does one obtain the free patterns as it states on Pinterest???

  4. I would like to pattern the blue and white striped dress with the hat

  5. The post says with free patterns. How do I access the patterns?

  6. Love these patterns. It says “free” but I see no way of opening them. Can you help me with this? Thanks!

  7. Love the baby dresses pattern however they not opening up..Please tell me how to get it open. Thanks.

  8. I would really like to make several of these adorable outfits but can’t open the patterns. Would you please help?

  9. how do I get pattern for some of these dresses

  10. yes it says free but no way of opening them .Can you help me with this? Thanks

  11. I would love these patterns but I can’t open them either! Someone please help.

  12. I would love these patterns but can’t open them.

  13. The patterns are beautiful. Would love to have access to them. I would even pay a fee for them.
    Ann Gregory Jones. I have several little girls that I Crochet for and they would be perfect. Thank you.


  14. Can’t find patterns. Can you send them to me please

    1. As with everyone else I love the dresses and would love to make a few of them. Can you send me the directions as to how to open the windows in order to get the patterns for the dresses. Thank-you.

  15. hi i would like to make one of the dress sets for my cousin when she has her baby is there any way i can get a dress patterns? ive clicked on the picture and nothing happens and it says free!!!

  16. Are these crochet patterns for sale?

  17. I like your work
    I need a pattern to do a dress

  18. all your stuff is absolutely beautifill

  19. I cannot find a way to access the directions for making these cute dresses with hats/booties? Could you let me know how I can access them, please?

  20. I love your pattern would like to make them for four grandkids will I be able to get that changed Thank you Barbara

  21. Can you please tell me. how to get the pattern so I make for my grandkids

  22. I want some of these to do how do I get them Please ?

  23. I see from a previous comment that this person is having the same problem as I am having. Your posting on Pinterest say that these patterns are available for FREE, but there are no patterns nor any way of downloading if a person did find them. What is the deal?????

    1. Is anyone having any luck finding the patterns? It really gets old when people post free pattern and there is never any patterns at least I can never find any.
      Such cute and beautiful w+ork

  24. I too can’t find a way to copy or print these . I love these and I am wanting to make these for my great grand daughter ,

  25. I love your patterns and would like to purchase the cowboy boots/hat pattern. How do I go about obtaining the pattern?

  26. Would truly appreciate the patterns

  27. Where do you get the free patterns for these beautiful dresses

  28. would love patterns all these lovely dresses. Are the patterns not free? it says they are. How can I get the patterns? would like to make for great grand baby’s Please respond at my E mail Thank you

  29. It’s been at least a year and the issue doesn’t seem to have been resolved. This seems to be a common problem on Pintrest sites.
    Why can’t you either repair the issue or pull the pictures? Most discouraging

  30. I would like the cowgirl hat and boots pattern please

  31. Also looking for the patterns ??????

  32. How do I get these cute patterns?

  33. This is not true. I spent time searching your add on “Free Patteren” sites looking for the blue and white dress with a hat pattern. I could not find it. I ended up signing up every time I entered one of your “FREE” pattern sites. I could not find the pattern. Thank you for wasting my time.

  34. As with all the other comments. I would like a way to access these patterns. How can I do so?

  35. I would love the pattern for the cowboy hats and boots but can find no way of getting them. Would you help please

  36. hi all, i found all of the patterns after cliking and clicking. they are on lisaauch.com

  37. Where and why can’t I get the free patterns. I am trying to get the pattern for the little dress that has a white bodice and then blue and white stripe skirt. Also has a blue bonnet. Have tried to get others also with no success.

  38. I got your email, now how do I get the free pattern of this dress?

  39. I have a sneaking suspicion that this page has a false description. Image only. If I am wrong, please send me the link of the pattern and I will apologize.

  40. I only know that there have been quite a few really nice patterns supposedly for free from Pinterest and I haven’t been able to find any of the patterns. Is Pinterest not looking into their postings anymore and checking them out that they are legit? Frustrating and some days I want to just block Pinterest. I get more irritated with them then I can find things I want to look at. Isn’t good for their reputation.

  41. Can’t find the pattern for these. Would love to have them, could you please to me how to get them. Thank you

  42. How do I get the pattern? I’ve seen numerous comments but they are all saying the same thing, how to get the pattern, can you please answer this question. Thank you very much!

  43. ok I have found alot of pictures but no patterns to access this seems to be a on going problem for many, im about ready to give up on pinterest.

  44. love them but how do you get the free patterns?

  45. Love these. How do I access the patterns?

  46. I too would like to know how to get the pattern to make these please

  47. Zou er een patroon zijn van de cowboybotjes voor meisjes aub

  48. I don’t see how to get the patterns please tell me thank you

  49. I don’t see how to get the patterns please tell me thank you. This is the first time I posted

  50. I love these, but how can I access the patterns?

  51. No way to open for the patterns?

  52. They say free, but no pattern. Want to make a couple of these. How do I get the patterns

  53. Hi how can I get the free patterns. Thanks

  54. Would like access to free patterns. Anyone success ful getting them and how?

  55. How do I get these patterns please

  56. Love these patterns. Where can I find them?

  57. Hi, it says the patterns are free but can you tell me how to download them please? Thanks

  58. Why aren’t there any free patterns. I love them all❣️

  59. Lindos, maravilhosos, fofos. os vestidos de croche infantil.

  60. it says free and theres no patterns,

  61. I’m looking for lil girl patterns in 3-6 month in dresses and all kinds of outfits

  62. How do I get the patterns for these outfit on your page. English only

  63. How do we get these patterns?

  64. Love your patterns say free but cannot open them please instruct how I can open your patterns. Thank you

  65. would like these free patterns , but like everyone else cant find how to open them

  66. Where do I get the free crochet pattern for the blue dress and hat

  67. I would love to have the patterns to the little dresses. I make preemie size clothes for our local womens shelter, through my granddaughters 4-H project. Thank you for your time and experience. Sencerely Dorine

  68. I would love to make a lot of these but can’t find the link to the patterns.

  69. Like everyone else is saying if yhet are free HOW DO WE GET THEM? Have tried everything and have found nothing I have two new babies and would love to make them both a boy and a girl so the 100rds you say loved them just can’t get them maybe you should really read your comments

  70. Where do we get the free patters from?

  71. I would love to make a few of these items for my great granddaughter, where can I get the patterns from please.

  72. These are the nicest baby patterns ever..I too would love to have them. I am expecting my first great grandchild in October and WOW I would so much love to make several of these precious designs.

    Thank you for any consideration


  74. Haha funny, I see everyone wants the patterns and no one gets an answer, well I better don’t ask anymore but have to say they are realy cute..! (y)

  75. As I read all the responses I see that I am not the only one who can’t find these pattern. Hope there is someone out there that can tell us.

  76. It says free but can’t open. Where do we go to get the patterns?

  77. I would love to have the patterns to the above items

  78. Can not wait to try these wonder pattern.

    1. try to open these beautiful pattens is there a trick how to do it please

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